Wrosne: An Underground Experience

Helped 60 young people turn their lives around

About the Wrosne: An Underground Experience project

This project focussed on young people drawn from Dudley’s Wren’s Nest and Priory estates, both of which faced exceptional levels of economic and social deprivation. Over a period of twelve months the Leaps & Bounds team used their unique programme of personal intervention and development, one-to-one pastoral support, and professional quality arts activity to help 60 young people turn around their own lives and that of their local community.

It culminated in a sold out week of performances, deep underground at the end July 2008, followed by a programme of projects and support which remained in place for many months. 

We once again delivered an outstandingly successful project that supported and encouraged the personal development of 60 young people from Dudley. All of which worked so hard with the Leaps & Bounds team and theatre professionals to ensure they fulfilled their potential and created an unforgettable show.

The Mayor of Dudley Councillor David Stanley is unmasked with leaps and Bounds actors top Kaylee Coleman (left) and Tammy O'Dywer. Front are Stevie Britton and Michael O'Dwyer.


Professional quality arts activities

l-r Wendy McIntosh and Sam Watts, both youth community workers

One-to-one pastoral support

Workshops and presentations were held with local schools and colleges, community groups and arts professionals to share and explore the issues and create a more dementia friendly community.

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A sold out shows over a period of a week